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YONEX Tungsten Balance Grip (Mens)



This composite Tungsten Balance Grip features 20 grams of tungsten powder that is combined with the rubber during the manufacturing process. At 52 grams, the overall weight of the Tungsten Balance grip is comparable to most conventional grips on the market, but has nearly half of it's total mass at the butt-end. The added weight at the butt-end of the grip has allowed YONEX engineers to increase clubhead weight for increased power, all while retaining optimum swing balance. 
Combined with the heavier clubhead weight and high balance point shaft incorporated throughout the EZONE XP series, the Tungsten Balance Grip produces explosive power for maximum distance 


Core Size

Weight (g)



YONEX Original Tungsten Balance Grip (Golf Pride) - Mens Model

.62 Round 52g


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