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EZONE XPG Fairway Wood


Product Specs

Crown Construction: 

High-Intensity Carbon Graphite 

Body and Face Construction: 

SUS630 Stainless Steel Precision Casting 

Shaft Construction: 

YONEX EX310 (Graphite, Counterbalanced) 


YONEX Tungsten Balance Grip (Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360)

  • Features Dual Tungsten Power System (Heavy head w/Tungsten Balanced Grip)

  • 8-gram adjustable sole weight (increased fitting options)

  • Dual Tungsten Power System (Heavy head w/Tungsten Balanced Grip) At just 52-grams, the EZONE XPG’s Tungsten Balance Grip weighs the same as most conventional golf grips, but  incorporates 20-grams of Tungsten Powder at the butt end. This redistribution of weight in the grip works with the heavier club head to produce increased energy transfer for “lightning quick” ball speeds!

  • Counterbalanced EX310 shaft is lighter, has lower torque and a higher balance point than the EZONE XP EX300 shaft

  • Lowest and Deepest CG YONEX has ever produced!

  • Larger graphite crown (versus EZONE XP)

  • Deeper face and shallower shape (front to rear)

  • The Quick Adjust System fitting adapter optimizes loft/launch through 8 settings

  • Women’s Model Also Available

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